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RAEVANT is comprised of physicists, data scientists, business management experts, developers, our background is varied and far reaching. Using this, we are able to connect with more people, more industries and connect ideas in new and uncompromising ways.

RAEVANT’s strength is the people and organisations behind it.


We are not only outsourcing work, we also invest in the future of the countries and people we outsource to. 

RAEVANT’s scale and influence means that we directly connect to government bodies, charities and learning centres in order to guide the current and next generation and to fuel internal growth within developing nations.


RAEVANT primary goal is building long lasting relationships with its clients. Trusting others with critical operating factors pr projects is a decision which should never be taken lightly. 

For all clients, after learning the goals, expectations and limitations of the client themselves, we then perform our own risk management, market research and  due diligence to ensure your required task is realistically achievable and more importantly, the best option for you or your organisation in terms of time, cost and quality output. 

Dont Take it from us

Our base is in the Republic of Yerevan, Armenia, with our sister company located in London, England. 

More and more, foreign investment and foriegn interest in outsourcing work here is increasing. RAEVANT is at the forefront of this movement and the leading experts in Global-Armenian economic relations.

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