• R E A V A N T

    We are an Armenia based, foreign owned development company and digital service provider, with years of individual experience conglomerated into one business model. Raevant was set up by foreign entrepreneurs who have fallen in love with the country and its possibilities. Relocating from London to Yerevan was no small feat, but one which has opened a vital channel between Armenia and the rest of the world. Low labour cost and skilled IT workers, a perfect combination.

    We are made up of Physicists, Data Scientists, Financial Analysts, Graphic Designers and Consultants and Innovators, all with a technical background in programming. We apply our expertise in a wide array of industries and projects, whether domestic or foreign. We have strong ties to the UK via our work for The Gym Group, UCL and the new online game launching in 2019, switr.io.

    We also help companies or individuals wishing to relocate ther business operations to Armenia with the help of our trademark and entity, Upstart.am

    Our sister company "RAEVANT GAMES LIMITED" with head office in the United Kingdom also offers Raevants process and expertise to the gaming sector. We are avaialbe 24/7 if you have any queries and can organise physical meetings in Armenia or London, UK.

  • Why Armenia

    Armenia is undoubtedly the most promising, stable and right now, prime location for development, operating IT companies and hiring experienced talent in the digital sphere. Armenia is said to be the main driving force behind the name "Silicon Mountains" (a play on Silicon Valley).
  • Research

    Below is a list of articles and information regarding Armenia as a business environment. If you would personally like a free consultation on the matter, please contact us.

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