Managed IT Services

On demand. Pay-as-you-use.

Our managed IT services provide an alternative to straight outsourcing of your IT services. When you require our services, we will step in.

24/7/365 we are available to avert actual and potential disasters 

Why Managed Services

Managing your IT infrastructure is a costly and sensitive task. Externalising this task frees up resources, streamlines your operation as a whole and provides better economies thereby improving productivity as a whole. The industry is evolving to facilitate managed services and to incorporate it as a real part of business strategy

Our Solutions

  • Monitoring
  • Cloud Hosting and Infrastructure
  • System Performance Management
  • Managed Disaster Recovery

Monitoring and Assessment

Server, network and software. After access, we can continually monitor and assess the health of your internal network, servers and even software performance. We will also suggest any improvements and reduction of redundancy within your IT environment.

Monitoring can be done on any platform, including Unix, Linux, Windows, Solaris, AIX, HPUX, VMware, and Amazon Web Services etc.

Cloud Hosting and Infrastructure

Setting, up, maintaining and most importantly a reliable failover protection.

We set up both manual and automated resource balancing ensures if your host goes down, on the cloud, it wont along with high level security implementations (IDS, Firewall and so on). The costs of a managed cloud are as effective as most public clouds. The resources and also the services are billed per usage.

System Performance Management

A big part of managing services is to gain a fundamental understanding of the existing system then to use this knowledge to gauge whether capital is being expended correctly, IT-staff are trained and efficient and whether upgrades can be made both software and hardware.

Network performance, application performance or transaction performance and efficiency. These are all areas we cover

Managed disaster recovery Service (MDRS)

Worst case scenariso must be consdiered. Most companies settle for generic backups of vital parts of their IT infrastrcuture and poses an enourmous risk to your operation

Outages, hardware failures, and natural disasters will occur. A plan tailored to your environment mitigates the impact and ensures a logical and efficnent RTO and RPO.

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