Outsourcing is often overlooked, whether lack of information or awareness or inexperience in sourcing and beginning the contractual obligations of sourcing. 

We make the process simple, payments easy and most importantly, the highest-quality of work .

See our specific services here.

Web APP development

Software development is timely and costly. We connect with over 50 different development companies and high-level freelance developers. We source experienced and specialised developers for this cause, who are available and on-call 24/7.

Custom Apps

Cross-industry experience and correct business analysis is essential in order to start coding any custom application. The solution needs to integrate seamlessly and immediately be effective, overseen beginning-to-end guided by our projects-managers

API and turnkey solutions

We also specialise in integration of white label solutions, turnkey solutions and API for a spectrum of needs including payments (ecommerce and direct-API), CMS integrations, robot and scraper programs and AI-technologies.

Front-End Development

RAEVANT push intuitive, interactive and modern designs and functionality for our client’s front-end needs. No language is off the table: HTML, CSS, JS, Ajax, jQuery with any frameworks: Bootstrap Foundation, Backbone, Angular, Ember, React, Meteor, Ruby etc.

For clients with either less customisable needs or with a smaller budget e.g. start-ups or first-timers, we can also facilitate WordPress websites with full functionalities and plugins and even aid you with the step-by-step processes so you can maintain and develop your site independently.

Back-End Development

First your requirements and scale is gauged, from there we discuss and present relevant architecture, as well as considering future-proofing, ease of maintenance and so on.

We also are the leading users of MongoDB in Armenia and in talks with a partnership program.

Languages we support include but are not limited to: PHP, JS, NodeJS, Python, .NET with frameworks: Laravel, Django, Spring, Symfony, Mongo and more.

Database Management

This is where RAEVANT shines. We have helped major companies in Armenia with the sourcing of hardware, architecture and design of db structures and server creation, migration and datacentre maintenance.

Databases covered include: MongoDB, Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, CouchDB, Postgre, DB2 and more.


In some circumstances, creating custom software from scratch is counter-intuitive. Ready-made software exists for many applications, however sourcing the correct solution can be a time-consuming process, which is alleviated by our partnerships with many parent companies providing out-of-the-box solutions.

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