• Our Capabilities, Our Services

    Raevant offers an array of tailored services: developing websites, apps, software, backend solutions to server-side management graphic-design and more.
    Managed IT Services
    Graphic Design
    Business Management
    Support and Methods - After initiating a project, we will offer 24/7 support incase of technical issues, which are few and far between. This support is extended to the lifetime of your product.
    Our methodology is to scrutinise the project plan, systems architecture and coding methods before, during and after completion to ensure our QA standards are met.
    Our specialty is in non-relational systems, primarily with MongoDB and React, which we are pioneers in the Caucuses. The future data and systems requirements trend towards non-relational systems, nothing is off limits.

  • Programming and Development

    Web Development - From corporate websites and functional websites to e-commerce solutions and payment integrations.


    App Development - Native and hybrid app development, we facilitate both ground-up app development or API-based webpage conversion to store-ready apps.


    Software/CMS - We produce highly efficient and dynamic software and backend solutions for hotels, restaurants, facility, HR or manufacturing-systems management.


    Support and Methods - 24/7 support, lifetime consultancy support, planning and procedures, languages, relational vs non-relational and more

  • Graphic Design

    Logo/Brand Identity - Your logo speaks volumes about who you are. We create not only logos, but complete branding solutions.

    Web Design - Depending on your web-development requirements, we can design custom websites with the common HTML5, REACT etc or if Wordpress is your desired developed product.

    Product Development - We create highly realistic and engaging mocks for physical products, large resolution banners and posters and more

    Animation and Video marketing - Marketing shorts for social media, to theatre shorts and even full animated cartoons or movies, depending on the scale, we can outsource the work to our London based animation sister company.

  • Digital Marketing

    Social Media Marketing - Stunning social media banners and complete management of social media, eye-catching designs and hashtag management.

    SEO/Managed PPC - Up-to-date SEO criteria and PPC/M revews to suggest streamlining tactics to avoid redundant phrases, advertising channels and improve your Google Adwords campaign.

    Reputation Management - We analyse the web, record and consolidate all data and reviews about your company, gauging public perception. Then, present plans to influence change in this perception.

    Cyber-Security - DDOS mitigation, slow-loris prevention and more. Attacks are increasing. From online-stores to blog pages, nobody is immune or exempt from attack.

  • Business Management

    Our 5 Step approach is not revolutonary; its effective, tried and tested.

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    1. Review
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    2. Discuss
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    3. Amend
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    4. Implement
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    5. Review and Repeat

    We review staff from bottom-up, ghost day-to-day activities and apply psychological and ethical standards tests to guage the current state of your business, both in terms of management and microeconomics. We then present a realistic a budgetble plan for change, access the barriers for implementation, then perform change. After a specified time, we review again to access the beahvioural and economic impact. We have been responsible for several startups in Armenia, contact us for more information